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The Trave

Built by Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Company, Glasgow, Scotland, 1886. 5,217 gross tons; 455 (bp) feet long; 48 feet wide. Steam triple expansion engine, single screw. Service speed 17 knots. 1,240 passengers (150 first class, 90 second class, 1,000 third class).Built for North German Lloyd, German flag, in 1886 and named Trave. Bremerhaven-New York and Mediterranean-New York service. Laid up 1903-06; Resumed New York service 1906-07. Sold 1908. Scrapped in 1909.

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Angelo Luzzi---- September 02, 1902---- Naples---- #0024

The Algeria

The vessel ALGERIA, built by D & W Henderson Ltd, Glasgow, for the Anchor Line's Indian service, and launched on 6 October 1891. 4,510 tons; 114,29 x 14,11 meters (375 x 46.3 feet, length x beam); straight bow, 1 funnel, 2 masts; steel construction, screw propulsion, service speed 12 knots; passenger accommodation: 26 1st- and 1,100 steerage-class. 1892, maiden voyage, Glasgow- Liverpool (departed 4 March)-Calcutta. 1892-1895, Indian service. 21 May 1896, first voyage, Naples-Gibraltar-New York. 19 July 1896, last voyage, Marseilles-Leghorn-Naples-Gibraltar-New York (2 voyages). 1896-1901, Glasgow-Liverpool-Bombay or Calcutta. 28 February 1902, first voyage, Leghorn-Naples-New York. 12 November 1908, last voyage, Leghorn-Naples-New York (34 roundtrip voyages). 12 August 1912, purchased by a German firm and renamed CYRILL. 1914, purchased by an Italian firm and renamed VIRGINIA. 1923, scrapped [Noel Reginald Pixell Bonsor, North Atlantic Seaway; An Illustrated History of the Passenger Services Linking the Old World with the New (2nd ed.; Jersey, Channel Islands: Brookside Publications), vol. 1 (1975), p. 465. For a photograph of this vessel, contact the Steamship Historical Society of America, Langsdale Library, University of Baltimore, 1420 Maryland Ave., Baltimore, MD 21201. [Posted to The Emigration-Ships Mailing List by Michael Palmer - 19 November 1997] 10/16/1905-Algeria-Anchor LineMediterranean Mediterranean Ports New York

This is a photocopy of the original ships manifest, page 1 and page2.
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