Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
3301 West Cheltenham Avenue, Cheltenham Township Pennsylvania

Section 5-29-38
Biagio Gatto April 7, 1872---Oct.21, 1943
Anna Gatto Feb. 29,1880---April 18,1963

The cemetery stone shows the incorrect date of Biagio's birth as 1878 and Anna as 1888.The stones only show the years not the months of birth or death.

Section 47-12-13 All in one plot
Nunzio B. Capizzi April 9,1891---June 1975
Thomas J. Sept. 3 1925--Dec.31,2002
Nancy M March 24,1925---Jan. 31 2004
Nancy Capizzi July 23,1899---Oct. 1983

Section 47-12-13 Flat Stone
Joseph Cancila Oct. 10, 1921---Aug. 3, 2004
Josephine R Dec. 23 1922---Jan. 1996

Section 47-25-23
Rose M. Price July 3, 1910--Jan.21, 1999-
Joseph V. 1945---Sept.11,1979
Regina M. 1940---

Section 47-30-18
Robert L. Nov.20,1938--Oct. 22, 2015
Barbara---Sept. 10, 1942 ---

Section V 9-47-2 Flat Stone
Anthony J. Feb. 2,1914--Aug. 13, 1952

Anna's name is on the stone. This is really Grandmom Anna. She was the owner of the plot and did not want the thought of Anthony to be buried by himself. She is buried with Grandpop Biagio. The cemetery stone shows the incorrect date of Anthonys birth as 1911 not 1914.


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