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The quality of the 1920 census was very poor. I tried to make it larger but it was all washed out. Some of the blocks are left blank because they were originally left blank. You'll also notice that some of the info is incorrect (names spelled wrong, dates etc.) e.g. Jenaro is spelled on the census as Jennaro, and Carmella is down as Carrie.) This adds to the problem of researching ones family history.

1.Place of Abode 2.House # 3.House Dwellings 4.Number of Families
Ebenezer Ave 139 208 230

5.Name 6.Relation 7.Home Owned Or Rented
Angelo Head R
Aqualina Wife
Jennaro Son
James Son
Mary Daughter
Rose Daughter
Frank Son
George Son
Laura Daughter
Carrie Daughter

Name 9.Personal Description(Sex) 10. Color of Race 11.Age at Last B/Day 12.Single/ Married etc. 13.Citizenship, Year of Immigration 14.Naturalized or Alien
Angelo M W 42 M 1903 Alien
Aqualina F W 42 M 1905 Alien
Jennaro M W 18 S 1905 Alien
James M W 17 S 1905 Alien
Mary F W 11 S

Rose F W 9 S

Frank M W 8 S

George M W 6 S

Laura F W 3-7/12 S

Carrie F W 2-2/12 S

Name 16.Attended School since Sept 1, 1919 17.Able to Read 18. Able to Write 19. Place of Birth 20. Mother Tongue
No No Italy Italian
No No Italy Italian
Jennaro No Yes Yes Italy Italian
James No Yes Yes Italy Italian
Mary Yes Yes Yes Pennsylvania Italian
Rose Yes

Pennsylvania Italian
Frank Yes





Name 21.Father Place of Birth 22.Mother Tongue 23.Mother Place of Birth 24.Mother Tongue 25.Able to Speak English
Angelo Italy Italian Italy Italian No
Aqualina Italy Italian Italy Italian No
Jennaro Italy Italian Italy Italian Yes
James Italy Italian Italy Italian
Mary Italy Italian Italy Italian Yes
Rose Italy Italian Italy Italian Yes
Frank Italy Italian Italy Italian Yes
George Italy Italian Italy Italian
Laura Italy Italian Italy Italian
Carrie Italy Italian Italy Italian

Name 26.Occupation,Trade, Laborer,etc. 27.Industry,Business etc. 28.Salary or Wage
Angelo Laborer Cemetery Wage
Aqualina None

Jennaro Laborer Cemetery Wage
James Laborer Motor Club
Mary None

Rose None

Frank None

George None

Laura None

Carrie None


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