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The information on this census seems to be more accurate than on the 1920 census.

1.Place of Abode 2.House # 3.House Dwellings 4.Number of Families
Somerset St. 2205 N 401 420

5.Name 6.Relation 7.Home Owned Or Rented
Blase Head O
Anna Wife
Rosa Daughter
Basil Son
Anthony Son

Name 8.Value of Home if Owned 9. Radio Set 10.Does this Family live on a Farm 11.Personal Description (sex) 12.Color of Race 13.Age at last B/Day
Blase $5400 No No M W 52

No F W 45

No F W 20

No M W 17

No M W 15

Name 14.Marital Condition 15.Age at first Marriage 16. Education, School since Sept. 1, 1929 17. Able to read and write
Blase M 26 No No
Anna M 19 No No
Rosa S
Yes Yes
Basil S
Yes Yes
Anthony S
Yes Yes

Name 18.Place of Birth 19.Father 20.Mother 21.Language Spoken 22.Citizenship, Year Immigrated to US 23.Naturalization
Blase Italy Italy Italy Italian 1907 No
Anna Italy Italy Italy Italian 1913 No
Rosa Italy Italy Italy Italian 1913 No
Basil NJ Italy Italy English
Anthony NJ Italy Italy English

Name 24.Able to Speak English 25.Occupation,Trade, Laborer,etc. 26.Industry,Business etc.
Blase Yes Laborer Auto
Anna No

Rosa Yes Laborer Rosary Mill
Basil Yes Laborer Rosary Mill
Anthony Yes


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