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This is my Mom and Dads Wedding Picture,(Robert & Laura Gatto) from Nov.24,1936. They were married at St. Lucys Church in Manayunk. Dad (Robert), Rose, Tony Gatto Mom and Dad Aug 1938 (Robert & Laura Gatto) Aunt Nancy, Uncle Nunzio Capizzi, Grandmom, Dad (Robert) Aunt Rose, Grandmom Anna, Aunt Nancy June 1938 on Stella St. Aunt Nancy(Gatto)and Uncle Nunzio Capizzi Baron, Aunt Nancy, Josephine Dads (Robert) Graduation Picture, 2nd row on the right Bobby, Ronnie Gatto?, Uncle Tony, Paul Grandmom Gatto, Cousin Joseph Price, Bobby at Grandmoms house on Somerset St. Grandmom Anna (Pinzone) Gatto and her brother Francesco Paulo Pinzone. Grandmom Anna Gatto. Uncle Tony Gatto Dad (Robert) the saxaphone player, with his band at Sons of Italy Club. This is also the place that he died on June 7, 1964 during cousin Dr. Bobby Capizzi graduation party from Medical School. He was doing what he loved to do---play music.


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